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Cindi by HikaruYuumei
"Oh, and before I forget, a lot of the animatronics used here are actually very small compared to some other places. Yeah, maybe you’ve noticed? Erm, we have a Olive the Owl, Lenny the Possum, the.. the erm… Vixxie the fox, and… Cindi the coyote. Be extra careful about them they, uh, like to wander, and can sometimes get stuck in places they shouldn’t. Like I mentioned, they tend to get into the vents. Not sure how, really. Most of them shouldn’t be able to climb, but I guess that’s a miracle of technology, eh?

"Anyway, be extra careful around some of them, cuz a lot of the bigger animatronics can get pretty protective of the small guys. It’s kind of cute, really, but it’s mostly because of their damage control protocols. Poor little Olive’s eye has never worked right since getting bopped, and that’s handling sleeping kids! They all get kind of erm… on edge if they think the mini-bots might get damaged. Especially Cindi.

"You’ve met Cindi, right? She’s actually a very recent addition to the western wing! She sings along with the music, and even has little cute little singalongs with the kids in the audience! She’s probably one of my favorites… You know, but don’t tell the others. Heh. She’s kind of their favorite, too, it looks like. If she gets damaged, the others they, erm… they… Don’t… Take too well to it. Mm.


"Just, yeah, just try to be gentle with the smaller robots. You know, especially her. She’s a new model, so it can be pretty expensive to replace anyone—anything that gets broken."

Phone guy excerpt was written by the very talented vonbaghager (…

I can't draw animatronics but I tried - A peek at what my friends and I have been cooking up

A crappy gif of two gifs side by side because I don't have editing skills , you can find them in better quality here…

SOOOOO My friends and I made a fan family restaurant called Piggy's Pizza Barnyard, and because we're all nerds we're still talking about game mechanics and plots and stuff

I got the honor of making the security guards, Richard  Burnham and his grandson Ricky. We plan to show more, not sure when
Draw me like one of your french girls~ by HikaruYuumei
Draw me like one of your french girls~
I actually didn't draw this my good friend cortez did ( )
I really needed a new Deviant ID

NonBinary Bunny at your service 8U
My journal is full of old art but I'm not gonna delete it. I decided that it'd be good to be able to look back on that stuff and see how far I've come. Also, I'm in Ohio now! I know, who cares, but a journal usually has to involve personal stuff. I have a puppy named Corbin and he's a little shit but I love him, he's been fantastic for my anxiety and depression.

Also tumblr has been good, at least the friends I made on there. Tumblr itself is a very toxic place.

Soooo um. Yeah

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A blob of love and anxiety that's currently obsessed with aliens

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